Ledger® Live* Wallet** | & A Complete Guide to Ledger®

Ledger® Live* Wallet - & A Complete Guide to Ledger®. Ledger Live Wallet the flagship software from Ledger, stands out as more than just a walletit's a Learn how to use Ledger Live, the official software for managing your Ledger hardware wallet and cryptocurrencies. Explore the different products offered by Ledger, download Ledger Live - Ledger Live Wallet. Get Your Ledger. Take control of your crypto in Ledger Live Web. Manage your assets in one app. Connect My Ledger. Mobile App. Coin Ledger Live is a Web3 wallet that integrates with Ledger hardware wallets and offers features like buying, selling, swapping, staking, and lending cryptocurrencies. Learn how Ledger Live Wallet is a companion app for Ledger hardware wallets that lets you send, receive, trade and track your cryptocurrencies. Learn how to set up and use Ledger Live,